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Year Supply of Calypso Lemonades 2019 Winner Announcement

Thank you to all of you who have joined us in celebrating #CalypsoLemonadeMonth! Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for…The Winner of the YEAR SUPPLY OF CALYPSO LEMONADES is… Rodger Carson

Also, congratulations to our 10 runners up and proud new owners of their very own Calypso Beach Towel:

Baily Perrilloux

Alexander Martinez

Darcie Elliott

Takara Lewis

Felicia Ivory

Travis Lodge

Mary O’Neal

Alexis Loder

Dehla Smith

Latoya King


We have more giveaways and fun coming up, so stay tuned! And thank you again for making #CalypsoLemonadeMonth so fun! 

-Your friends at Calypso



Calypso Lemonade Month 2019

As you probably know, August is Calypso Lemonade Month!  Each day, we will celebrate by highlighting a different Calypso Lemonade flavor and having daily giveaways on our social media channels.  The month-long celebration all leads up to National Lemonade Day on August 20 when we will be giving away a YEAR SUPPLY OF CALYPSO LEMONADE to one lucky person!  Interested??  If so, ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES HERE and stay tuned to our social media channels for your chance to win daily prizes!



Calypso Mania

LET THE MANIA BEGIN!  #CalypsoMania starts on our Twitter page Monday, March 18th.  Vote each day for the flavor you want to win in our tournament bracket.  We’ll be picking our own winners at random from those of you who vote – giving away Calypso Prize Packs, Stress Balls, Beach Balls, Sunglasses, T-Shirts, Koozies and much more!