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Calypso Madness

LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!  #CalypsoMadness starts on our Twitter page Tuesday, March 14th.  Vote each day for the flavor you want to win in our tournament bracket.  We’ll be picking our own winners at random from those of you who vote – giving away Calypso Prize Packs, Stress Balls, Sunglasses, USB’s, VR Viewers, Flip Flops, Beach Towels and much more! MADNESS!!

Watch the exciting outcome on the live brackets below!  Strawberry Lemonade is looking to defend its title, but you never know what can happen during CALYPSO MADNESS!  Check out last year’s tournament bracket HERE.

Good luck!  We hope your favorite flavor wins, and that you also win something for yourself along the way!  We’ll see you on Twitter!


Phil Vassar Giveaway

Phil Vassar’s American Soul Giveaway

Phil Vassar, the award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and Calypso Lemonades’ number one fan, drops his ninth studio album, American Soul, on Friday, December 2, 2016! To celebrate the title track “American Soul,” Phil Vassar will be having eight days of giveaways-all in the spirit of “American Ideals”. The “American Ideals” include Philanthropy, Individualism, Education and History, Dreams, Patriotism, and Hard Work.READ MORE