Phil Vassar’s American Soul Giveaway

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Phil Vassar’s American Soul Giveaway

Phil Vassar, the award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and Calypso Lemonades’ number one fan, drops his ninth studio album, American Soul, on Friday, December 2, 2016! To celebrate the title track “American Soul,” Phil Vassar will be having eight days of giveaways-all in the spirit of “American Ideals”. The “American Ideals” include Philanthropy, Individualism, Education and History, Dreams, Patriotism, and Hard Work.

Calypso will be teaming up with Phil Vassar on December 3rd and 4th to giveaway prizes to celebrate Individualism. Head on over to to guess Phil Vassar’s favorite Calypso flavor and you could win a Year Supply of Calypso Lemonade! Three Calypso Party Packs will also be given out to runner ups.    Phil-Vassar-Giveaway

For more information about Phil Vassar and his eight days of giveaways visit,

Good Luck and don’t forget to pick up your copy of, American Soul, December 2nd!


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